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              Introducing KSAi400

    The Greatest Krell Amplifier Ever













As one of high-end audio’s foundational pillars, the Krell name is deservedly revered for their many-decades-long history of building extraordinary electronics.  I can still recall my first experience with the mighty KSA-250, easily one of the most significant power amps of all time.  Or loading a pair of MRA Master Reference mono amps down a flight of stairs (all 600+ lbs.—EACH! - with lots of help, of course).  Or one of my all-time favorites, the EVO 402e.

But now, with the newest generation of design, Krell has put all of those in the rear view.  This is indeed the greatest Krell amp ever, with a nearly unique combination of run-for-cover dynamics, and an organic dimensionality and in-the-room presence that is quite startling, and very addictive.

A fully differential design with the most perfected executions of Krell’s best technologies. While too much to describe here, most tellingly, the i400 easily holds its own with the world’s most well-regarded, six-figure amplifiers, making its $36,500 price tag incredulous.

We’ve had ours for a couple of months and I must say it’s been a joy and a revelation.  I often get asked, “How much better can Hi-Fi get?”.  The i400 represents one easy answer. LOTS!

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