Prima Luna Introduces New Hybrid Integrated Amp

Introducing    EVO300 HYBRID


In the early days of high-end audio (think ‘70s and ‘80s), the combination of a vacuum-tube preamp and solid-state power amp was a very common solution that combined palpability and dimension with control and dynamEVism.  Nearly fifty years later, our good friends at Prima Luna have restated this approach and built it into a  beautifully designed, single chassis execution.

The best of tubes and the best of solid-state in a fully dual mono design with top-shelf components and sophisticated power supplies.

The EVO300 Hybrid uses same preamp gain stage as their award-winning, flagship EVO400 preamplifier, with its all-tube and dual mono design.  It took two years of research and experimentation to perfectly pair it with the new transistor output circuit to yield a uniquely satisfying end result; perfectly combining tube magic with solid-state control.  As with all Prima Luna electronics, the EVO300 Hybrid enjoys lavish build quality , point-to-point wiring and the best passive components with Takman resistors, custom toroidal power transformers and Swiss-made wiring, to name just a few.

Available with either a Silver or Black faceplate, the EVO300 Hybrid is appropriate for a very wide range of high-end music systems  and an exceptional value at $7295. 





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